I began handling Labradors in 2002.  I fell in love with the breed very quickly--what's not to love?!!  I began soaking up all of the information I could about this wonderful breed, knowing that someday I would have my own line.  I am very fortunate to have been able to learn so many things from so many different well-respected breeders and I feel confident that the dogs I produce are a product of the years I spent learning. 



Watercrest Labrador Retrievers

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Shannon Layman

Stillwater, Oklahoma USA

(580) 541-7355


I believe a key ingredient to a successful show dog is a sound mind and body.  I am adamant about the care my own dogs and client dogs receive.  I treat each dog as an individual and as a part of my family, whether I personally own them or not.  Proper nutrition and conditioning are very important to me and I ensure the best for the dogs in my care.  I truly love dogs and while a pedigree is required for the show ring, it is not required to steal my heart.  I believe this passion speaks for itself with every dog I handle.  I cannot imagine my life without dogs or without Labradors!


I entered my first dog show in 1991.  Junior Showmanship gave me my start to the wonderful sport of pure bred dog shows.  My first show dogs were Weimaraners and Pointers, whom I co-owned with some very generous and well-respected breeders.  I enjoyed great success in the juniors ring, qualifying for Westminster 3 times.  While my handling skills came very naturally to me, I learned a great deal from a few, long time, well known professional handlers.  I was fortunate enough to assist them during the summers and on occasional weekends during my junior high and high school years.