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V. Delprat

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Shannon Layman

Stillwater, Oklahoma USA

(580) 541-7355


As a professional handler, my goal is to help a show dog reach its full potential.  I strive to capture a dog's essence and spirit while in the ring, along with having a fabulous time!  Showing dogs has always come natural to me and it is my goal to let my client dogs shine.

My passion for dogs allows me to work and play with some very incredible dogs.  While I have shown and finished other breeds since 1991, I specialize in handling Labrador Retrievers and attend both Specialties and All-Breed shows across the United States.

As a breeder, I am dedicated to the betterment of the Labrador Retriever. I am very passionate about  producing healthy, sound puppies through a careful and well thought out selection process.  My dogs posses undeniable qualities of beauty, brains and natural instinct.

Watercrest Labradors was born out of a lifetime of loving all dogs and being involved with Labs since 2002.  I am overwhelmingly blessed by what these very special dogs have added to my life.  My numbers are kept small because my dogs are very much a part of my family and home.